The Important Information Set – Household Binder Printables

Today’s topic is the Important Information section of my household binder where I keep documents such as insurances, pet information, passwords and phone numbers.

Important Info Listing Image(3)

Insurance Information – Record information for any type of insurance – a handy reference if something unexpected happens. If you need more space you can simply print another sheet.

Insurance Information - Black

A password log:

Password Log - Black

I could never remember what passwords were for what websites so I start writing them down on scrap pieces of paper… but then I couldn’t find them. I used to use the same password for everything and simply changed the number. But then I couldn’t remember what number was for what website and I probably shouldn’t have been using similar passwords for everything anyway..

That problem was solved when I created this handy password log where I record the websites, usernames and passwords for sites I visit often, but not often enough to always remember the password.

You can buy this individually. See here

Pet Information (2 pages) – These are great for leaving for the dog sitter or for your own personal reference (especially if you have 2 dogs, for example).

Pet Information - Black

Pet Information - Black(1)

Important Dates:

Important Dates - Black

I have this sheet in front of the important dates – monthly (see below). But I have been thinking of changing it to the start of my calendars and to do lists section: It’s great when planning ahead, especially if I want to know what day a certain date falls on. UPDATE: I have since switched the important dates to my rainbow planner which you can read more about here

Important Dates (Monthly):

Important Dates - Monthly - Black

Important Dates - Monthly - Black(1)

These two sheets are perfect for seeing what lies ahead. There are no dates so you can use them for any year. Fill in the dates for each month then write any special events such as birthday’s and anniversaries underneath. Alternatively you could make to do lists under each month.

Important Phone Numbers (2 sheets) – I keep these at the front of the important information section of my binder so I can find them easily (as they are right behind the divider page/tab).

Important Phone Numbers - Black

Important Phone Numbers - Black(1)

Car Maintenance – Keep track of work done to your car including the date it occurred, the mileage/kilometres and notes (e.g. the phone number and person who serviced your car and the cost). UPDATE: I have since switched to a more comprehensive car maintenance checklist I created as part of the home and inventories kit. It’s also available on Etsy.

Car Maintenance - Black(1)

Notes page:

Note Paper - Black(1)

This set also comes in 5 different colours. UPDATE: light blue version also available.

Colour Chart - Important Info

UPDATE: The black version is now EDITABLE. See here 

The pages can be printed on A4 and /or letter size (8.5 x 11″) size paper. For tips on printing the pages as half size, A5, filofax or any other page size, please see THIS POST.

– When you open the files there will be light blue boxes where you can type in your information (this will NOT remain light blue when printed).
– You can still print and hand-write on the sheets (the blue boxes won’t appear on your printed copy)
– The fillable font is helvetica in black
– The actual layout of the printable including pattern, pattern colour, font style, existing text ect. are not editable and cannot be changed

If you’d like to purchase this set, click on the links below (each colour is available as instant downloads)

Direct links for each colour:
To purchase through the online store: black and editable, blackpurple, pink, green, light blue, dark blue

To purchase on Etsy: black and editable, blackpurple, pink, green, light blue and editable, dark blue

This planner set is part of the household binder starter bundle, household binder bundle, mega household binder bundle, organized life, super organized life and get it all bundles

Don’t like chevrons? You purchase the Important Information set from the ‘Simple Planner’ series here.

See how I put together my binder in this blog post.

All sheet are (c) AllAboutTheHouse and are for personal use only – thank you!

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