Downloading Files

If you download files, please refer to the instructions listed on the downloads page and in ‘notes from seller’ on your order receipt.

If you can’t find the files on your computer or accidentally delete them, I would recommend checking the downloads folder of your computer. Go to the start menu (bottom left) then ‘Computer’ then click on Downloads. All the files you have downloaded (such as from the internet, from emails ect.) will be in that folder. There is a search menu you can use to search the name of the set.

downloads folder


If you still can’t find the files you may have accidentally deleted them. Go to your desktop by clicking the button circled in the image below on the very bottom right of your start menu.

bottom start menu

Then click on the Recycle Bin shortcut which will look like this:

recycle bin

This will bring up all the files you have deleted on your computer. I would recommend clearing these out if you have a lot as they take up valuable space on your computer and the more programs and files you have, the slower your computer will run. In the recycle bin you can search for the name of the set or the printable using the search box (top right).

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