How to Make DIY Planner Stickers with Silhouette Studio or Cameo

Customers often ask me if they can use the printable stickers with their silhouette machine. The answer is yes! Stickers in my shop are sold in both JPG and PDF file formats. There are many tutorials on the internet that show you how you can print and cut stickers using your silhouette with a JPG file.

1. Open the JPG file into your silhouette studio software
2. Reduce the size of the sticker sheet if needed to fit 8.5 x 11″ page size
3. ‘Show’ registration marks

4. As the JPG sticker sheets are not pre-formatted to print using the silhouette, you may need to reduce the size of the sticker sheet slightly (hold down shift and drag inwards to maintain the stickers’ proportions e.g. square shape). If you do not want their size to reduce, then do not resize and just let some of the stickers get cut off the page when they print OR crop out the white space and some of the stickers so they fit within the registration marks

5. Trace around the stickers to create cut marks
6. Print the stickers onto full sheet sticker paper
7. Change your blade settings as advised by your Silhouette machine

I do not own a silhouette machine. I cannot justify the cost when it only takes me 5 minutes to cut (I use a guillotine) a sticker sheet with 270 stickers such as these which will keep me organized all year long. Lately, I have taken to printing and cutting 3 sheets of the half inch square stickers at a time making the process even quicker! The 1.5″ long  x 0.5″ high stickers are designed to print on this sticker paper from online labels, or you can print and cut by hand, using an exacto knife, paper trimmer, scissors ect. Instant download printable files also means instant gratification, free shipping, no waiting for the postman and if you run out of stickers just print another sheet! 🙂

Some tutorials that may help if you wish to cut stickers using your silhouette machine:

– Download Silhouette Studio 
– Importing jpg files into Silhouette Studio Software – JoysLife
– Print & Cut – WendyBirdDesigns
– Print & Cut – JoysLife
 Print & Cut – TheScrapMaster
 Print & Cut – Silhouette America

P.S. AllAboutTheHouse Printable Stickers are for your personal use only – thank you!

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UPDATE: For my fellow sticker addicts, you can now purchase all printable planner stickers currently available in the shop for 80% off!!! The bundle is only available on Etsy.

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