Free Digital Paper – Horizontal Stripes

I was working on a new colour range of digital papers for my other Etsy shop PaperCravings and created these freebies for you to download 🙂 They are 12 x 12 inch. Please read my shop policies for terms of use. Basically, commercial use is ok, just don’t sell them as is and make sure the product you create is for your customers personal use only. Please do not claim them as your own. Feel free to use them for your personal use. A link back to this post is appreciated. Enjoy!

AATH - Horizontal Stripes Hot Pink

AATH - Horizontal Stripes Teal

AATH - Horizontal Stripes Light Pink

AATH - Horizontal Stripes Orange

AATH - Horizontal Stripes Purple

AATH - Horizontal Stripes Green

AATH - Horizontal Stripes Grey

AATH - Horizontal Stripes Yellow

AATH - Horizontal Stripes Blue

AATH - Horizontal Stripes Dark Blue

AATH - Horizontal Stripes Red

AATH - Horizontal Stripes Black

See here for instructions on how to print the papers from your home printer (i.e. onto smaller than 12 x 12 inch paper).

Comment below if you’d like more colours and/or different patterns. Feel free to send me pictures of your creations and I’ll post a link back to your blog.

Check back tomorrow as I will be posting free printable wall art I created using these papers!

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