Preppy Monogrammed Chevron Notebook

Shipping this cute monogram notebook today! Personalise yours HERE

monogram notebook chevron printable blue green preppy personalised

Custom Printable Planner and Colour Swatches

A little while ago, a customer requested a custom set. She wasn’t as obsessed with chevrons as I am and requested sheets with a green quatrefoil pattern instead. This was the end result (click the photo to enlarge):

mechelle custom set photo 1

Aren’t they pretty?!

She chose various sheets to create her own planner including:
– Custom contacts page
Perpetual 12 Month Calendar
Personalised Binder Cover and Spine
Week and Day Dividers for a binder
Weekly Time Keeping
– Cleaning Checklist from this set
– Note Paper from this set
– Meal Planner from this set
– What for Dinner? Menu and Shopping List adapted from this set
– Week Planner (checklists for each day) adapted from this set
– Shopping List Categorised by Store Section from this set
– Daily Planner (‘Today’s Date’) adapted from this set
– Never Ending List adapted from this set
– Quick Clean Ups (Filled in) from this set

If you want to make a custom colour/pattern request for a sheet or an entire set in my shop please send me a convo on Etsy to discuss. You can view all colours and pattern options here.

P.S. I am having a sale in my etsy shop – 20% off orders of $5 or more when you enter the coupon ‘LESS20’ at the checkout!

Monogram Notebook – Custom Personalised Notebook – Chevron

Today I’m sharing a notebook I created for a customer yesterday:


So pretty! You can purchase it here

The photo below shows a 3 letter monogram but the customer requested 4 letters.

monogram notebook photo 1

This notebook can be completely personalised. You get to choose the chevron colour, font colour and text!


And all the pretty chevron patterns! The notebook above uses ‘small chevron’ in the light blue. Click the photo below to enlarge.

monogram notebook - chevron swatches(1)

The inside of each notebook contains a ‘this belongs to…’ page which can be personalised with your own 4″ x 6″ photo. You can also add your personal details in case the notebook is lost.


The inside pages of the notebook are blank – you can do anything you want with them!


Some ideas:
– School/uni/ college notebook
– Recipe book
– Sketch book
– Scribble paper
– Reminders and to do’s (I have a whole notebook made up of to do lists. See here)
– Wedding Planning
– Diary/journal
– Gift for a friend or fellow stationery lover

Here is the back cover:

The notebook is A4 size.

More patterns and colours are available. See here

I can also design a custom pattern and colour match anything just for you!

UPDATE: NEW notebooks! See here

Monogram Notebooks - AllAboutTheHouse

Monogram Notebooks - AllAboutTheHouse2

and here

Polka Dot Notebooks 2

Lined paper optional

personalised notebook lined

NEW personalised binder covers! Want to make your own notebook? Just print the binder cover and take it to your local office supply store to have it bound! You could also use it to dress up your folders (a spine with your choice of wording in 3 sizes to suit any binder is also included!)

Want to purchase a matching desktop background?

Here are some suggested colour combinations:

I can do custom colours and colour match other notebooks or stationery you may have – just send me a photo through an Etsy convo.

Organising with Binder Covers – Recipe Organisation, Home, Craft Organisation and more!

Looking for an affordable but pretty way to organise your recipes? Check out the ‘cooking printables’ section of my Etsy shop. Instant download are available in the online store.

Check out this chevron recipe template

411. Chevron recipe sheet v.2


Which goes perfectly with your choice of binder covers that can be personalised with any wording you like E.g. create the categories that suit you such as e.g. main meals, cakes, breads, slices, soups, seafood, family favourites, under 30min ect.

This style is very popular!

personalised binder cover listing photo

Here are some example covers and ideas:

Quartrefoil binder cover listing photo

Each binder cover comes with a matching binder spine in 3 sizes to suit any binder.

Binder Covers are also perfect for organizing craft projects, sewing patterns, a home/family binder, schoolwork, create a finance binder, home projects, meal planning, to do’s and more!

I also use them to organise my scrap paper left over from crafting e.g. I have a binder cover in pink chevron for pink scrapbooking scraps ect (I store them in clear plastic sleeves within the binder). I recommend clear-view binders. I store miscellaneous items such as embellishments in a separate binder and use plain white tab dividers decorated with a matching washi tape label (e.g. pink chevron washi tape label for pink embellishments).

Here’s some more examples of binder covers:

Chevron binder cover listing photo

I created these covers for a customer yesterday:

Grey Chevron Binder Cover Page - Option 1(1)

Spine - Grey Chevron and Pink Font

Aqua chevron with grey font(1)

Spine - Aqua chevron and grey font

Binder covers can be made into notebooks.

Such as this chevron recipe book

Chevron Recipe Book - AllAboutTheHouse

And this Blue chevron and pink notebook

monogram notebook listing photo(3)


and these notebooks which you can purchase the printable files for in the following links: stripe, polka dot, chevron 

Monogram Notebooks - AllAboutTheHouse2


Monogram Notebooks - AllAboutTheHouse



Diagonal stripe, polka dot, chevron

I live in Australia so shipping is expensive to the USA where most of my customers live. You can create a DIY version by pairing a binder cover with I plain white paper then take it your local office shop and have it bound into a custom notebook!

After something preppy? See here

personalised binder cover allaboutthehouse7

Preppy Binder Cover Chevron Style 1(2)

Preppy Binder Cover Chevron Style 1

Nautical anchor binder cover available here

personalised binder cover allaboutthehouse2

b5 navy anchors and pi5

Quatrefoil binder cover 

personalised binder cover allaboutthehouse3(1)pi3 quatrefoil and b2(1)p2 quatrefoil b2 placemat(1)

Customer request for Leopard print binder covers from these chevron binder covers

Customer request for Leopard print binder covers from these chevron binder covers

Here are some of my favourite combinations! The colours print much brighter in person.

Binder covers can be customised in your choice of pattern and colour. Plenty of options available. See here

How do you use binder covers to help you stay organised?