Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions. Still don’t have your answer? Either comment below or send me a convo on Etsy

What is a printable?
– Printing Tips
 Downloading Files
How to Open Zipped File Folders
What does EDITABLE mean?
– Monogram Etiquette
– How to Set an Image as a Desktop Background/Wallpaper
– Printing 12″ x 12″ digital paper onto A4 or letter sized paper from a home printer

I’ve accidentally deleted or lost the files! Can you re-send them?

I keep customer emails for about 4 months after your purchase. If you lose the files within that time, send me a convo on  Etsy and I will forward them to you. If it is after 6 months I may ask you to pay a fee. If you’ve misplaced files that were an instant download, you can re-access the download page by following the steps in the next question.

I purchased an instant download, when will I receive it?

You should receive an email (to the email account you have listed with etsy) within 15 minutes and in that email will be a link to the download page. The email may be in your spam folder.

If you haven’t received your email try: http://etsy.crafthub.me/orders/
1. Enter allaboutthehouse (no spaces)
2. Enter the email address you have listed with Etsy
3. Enter your Etsy order number (on your receipt)
If you are still having problems, or have used up all your downloads, send me a convo and I will get back to you ASAP

Download links are good for 90 days.

Listing which are instant download state this in the listing description. They are also in the ‘Value packs – Instant DL’ section. If an item does not say that it is an instant download or if you are required to select a colour choice at the checkout, I will email you the files within 48hrs (usually less than 24).

I haven’t received my order?

You may have purchased an item that was not an instant download. Etsy has not yet developed a feature where only the version in the colour/s that the customer has chosen will be sent. If an item IS an instant download, it will state this in the item title and listing description. If it does not state this, your order will be sent by me, via email. I live in Australia so please keep in mind the time difference (e.g. when it is 10am in L.A. it is 3am in Australia). If I don’t reply I am most likely asleep or at my day job. I will respond or ship your order as soon as I can. Most orders are emailed within 24hrs.

I’ve got the files you emailed but I can’t open them

You must be on a computer (not an iphone or ipad) to open and view the files. Click ‘view’ and then save the files or click ‘download’ and copy and paste them into whatever folder you like on your computer.

Do you accept custom orders?

Yes – please contact me through  Etsy to discuss. Unfortunately I cannot accept all custom orders due to time constraints.

It says the PDF is password protected. Can I have the password/s?

No! I’m sorry but the files are password protected for security and copyright reasons.

Are the files in one PDF?

No. Each file is in a separate PDF so you can print only the sheets you need. Some people don’t need every sheet from a set – they are designed to suit everyone. For example, I had requests to include both portrait and landscape versions of calendars in a set (such as the Christmas Planner).

There are 2 copies of each sheet in most sets (this is stated in the listing, if you are unsure just send me a convo on Etsy). 2 sheets mean you can do duplex printing and ‘2 per page printing’ then cut the sheets in half for A5 size sheets. See how to do that here

I only need 1 copy of a sheet and there are 2 in the PDF. How can I print only 1 page?

Check out this post on printing tips (tip 6)

Why do you send both jpg and PDF versions of the binder cover sets? 

Some of my customers have found that the JPG files print better (I haven’t seen any difference between JPG and PDF print quality) so I send both and let you decide what works best with your printer. People also prefer the JPG file if they want to take it to their local office store and have it printed there if they are making them into a noteook. You need the JPG file for the desktop background. See how to do that here

I don’t like how the colour prints. Can I just not use the printables or delete the files I’ve downloaded and you send me the set in another colour? 

No sorry. If you would like to see how colours print before purchasing you can print the ‘proof’ images shown in each listing (or the colour chart). If you would like the same set in another colour I can set up a custom listing for a discounted price.

I didn’t realise they weren’t editable. Can I get a refund? 

No sorry. If an item is editable it clearly states this in the listing description and listing title. You can still print and hand-write on the pages. As there is no way to ‘return’ a digital item I’m sorry but I cannot offered a refund or ‘exchange’.

I’ve changed my mind, can I get a refund? 

No sorry. There are no refunds on digital items. However, if there is an error in the files please let me know and I will amend this ASAP.

Um… You’ve spelled ‘appetizers’ wrong… 

I live in Australia and we spell it like ‘Appetisers’ with an ‘s.’ If you would like American spelling just mention this in the notes to seller at the checkout and I will change the spelling for you!

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