The List Makers Kit – Chevron Book of Lists

I am an obsessive list maker (OLM). I have lists for EVERYTHING. It’s the only way I can keep everything in order! I have so many lists, I created the ‘List Maker’s Kit‘ and bound the lists to create my own ‘Book of Lists’

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Lists Kit - AllAboutTheHouse

Lists Kit - AllAboutTheHouse(1)

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There are 48 EDITABLE sheets included – use a few or use them all. Print one sheet 5 or 500 times – it’s up to you! (Please note they are for personal use only)

INCLUDED in the kit:
– Personalised binder cover and spine
– Grocery list (2 columns per page)
– Shopping List (2 columns per page)
– To Do list (2 columns per page)
– Annual To Do’s
– Assorted checklists (priority, calls and emails, errands, projects and an anything list for you to choose your own title e.g. daily, weekly, monthly or however often you like)
– Books to read
– Bucket List
– Calls & Emails
– Family To Do List
– Grocery list by store section (produce, bakery, aisle, household/miscellaneous, deli, fridge/freezer)
– Home to do’s
– Honey to do list
– Master to do list
– Monthly to do’s (2 checklists per month, per page – 6 sheets)
– Movies to watch
– Must do, should do and want to do (2 pages one with ‘this month’ for the title and the other ‘this week’)
– One day at a time
– Places to Go (Use this as a family outings planner, holiday activities planner, destination planner (e.g. cities or locations to visit) ect.
– Priority checklists (Today’s, Tomorrow, …Eventually)
– Projects
– Quick to do’s (15 minutes or less, 30 minutes, 60 minutes – I use this for cleaning tasks)
– Recipes to try
– Reminders
– Shopping list (1 column per page)
– Someday list
– Summer Bucket List
– Things to Learn
– Things to Make
– To Buy Checklist
– To Do Checklist
– To Do (with due dates)
– To Do list with days
– Want vs. Need
– Weekend to do list
– Weekly planner – checklists for each day
– Weekly to do’s (one checklist for the whole week)
– Wish List
– Work to do list

And if the type of you want isn’t listed above, I’ve also created the ‘anything lists’ where you can choose any type of list you want! If you’d just like to purchases these, you can find them in the online store.

– Anything mini checklists (4 lists per page – you choose the titles!)
– Anything list (1 column per page)
– Anything list (2 columns per page)

Here is a preview of some of the sheets from the kit!

Annual To Do’s – allocate up to 5 tasks per month to make your to do’s more manageable

Annual To Do's

There are different styles of each type of list e.g. there are 3 different weekly to do planners so you can choose the sheets that work for you.

Weekly to do's

To Do List With Days

Weekly Planner - Checklists

There are MANY to do checklists (did I mention LOVE to do lists?)

To Do Checklist

Work to do list

This sheet is great for jotting down cleaning tasks…

Quick To Do's

If you find a deadline motivating:

To Do List - Due Dates

Family to do List

Master to do list

Weekly to do's

Monthly To Do's

Calls and Emails… The top box is editable so you can use it daily, weekly, monthly – however often you like!

Calls & Emails

Sheets that are always handy:

2 Column Shopping List

Recipes to Try

Because the lists are bound, I can simply tear out the grocery list before I go to the shops.

Grocery List by Store Section

I like to keep this one on my whiteboard:


When you really need to get things done…

Priority Lists

Must, do should do’s and want to do’s – the PDF has 2 versions a ‘this month’ and ‘this week’

Must Do, Should Do, Want to Do

And some miscellaneous lists:

Assorted Lists

Bucket List

Summer Bucket List

Books to Read

Want vs

Places to Go

Movies to Watch

For the crafters out there…


Things to Make

Feeling overwhelmed? Allocate just one task for each day of the month and focus on completing that task but taking it one day at a time…

One Day at a Time..

I use the ‘things to learn list’ to jot down all the things I want to learn how to do in Photoshop!

Things to Learn

There are also 3 ‘anything lists’ if you STILL don’t see the list you are looking for! The title box of each list is editable so you can use them over an over again for any type of list you need!

Here’s an example – this is the ‘anything mini checklists

Anything Checklists

There are more lists not shown but I think you get the idea!

You CAN save information typed into these forms so you can come back and refer to them later (and save your printer ink), or if you want to re-print a previous list. Don’t need the editable version? Just print the sheets like normal (the light blue editable form fields where you type in your text won’t show up when printed).

There are SIX colours available! Go here if you’re also obsessed with making lists and would like to purchase!

Lists Kit - AllAboutTheHouse(6)

Did I mention this set is editable?

Editable means:
– When you open the files there will be light blue boxes where you can type in your information (this will NOT remain light blue when printed).
– You can still print and hand-write on the sheets (the blue boxes won’t appear on your printed copy)
– The fillable font is helvetica in black
– The checkboxes are not editable. The forms are intended for filling out on the computer, then printing out and checking each item off as you go
– The actual layout of the printable including pattern, pattern colour, font style, existing text ect. are not editable and cannot be changed

The pages can be printed on A4 and /or letter size (8.5 x 11″) size paper. For tips on printing the pages as half size, A5, filofax or any other page size, please see THIS POST.

Direct links for each colour:

To purchase through the online store: purple, pink, green, light blue, dark blue, black

To purchase on Etsy: purple, pink, green, light blue, dark blueblack

This planner set is part of the organized life, super organized life and get it all bundles

All sheet are (c) AllAboutTheHouse and are for personal use only – thank you!


Here is my book of lists. At the back I keep multiple copies of to do lists where I list all my ideas for Etsy products and which I won’t be tearing out. I also have the things to learn sheet at the back. At the front are my shopping lists and grocery lists and other lists which I use frequently.  When I’ve finished all the tasks on one of these lists I can just tear it out and throw it in the recycling. Then when I need to refill I can just print more sheets, slip the cover off and add them in (I have a binding machine at home).

The front and back covers are printed on cardstock to make them more durable. I have clear plastic covers to protect the notebook from dirt stains and wear and tear. In the middle of the notebook are the miscellaneous lists such as movies to watch, bucket lists ect. I am considering adding tabs for each of these three sections (I currently dog-ear the pages). I have been using this list notebook for a few months and I LOVE it! I hope you find this set as useful as I do!

List makers kit - allaboutthehouse

Craft and Hobbies Kit

Do you enjoy scrapbooking, sewing, DIYing, organising and everything in-between? I do! With so many project idea I needed a way to keep it all organised so I created the newest addition to my etsy store – the Craft and Hobbies Kit!

Craft and Hobbies - Pink(2)


Including in this kit:

– Matching ‘Craft Planner’ Cover and Spines. I can personalise them with any text you like!

Craft and Hobbies - Pink(3)

– Craft Room Layout Ideas (2 pages)
– Craft Supplies Inventory
– Favourite Blogs
– Favourite Stores
– My DIY Projects
– My Projects
– My Sewing Projects
– Online Shopping Record
– Organisation Checklists
– Organise Your Craft Room
– Project List
– Project Planner (2 pages)
– Scrapbooking Projects
– Sewing Project Planner
– Shopping List
– Subscription & Membership Planner
– Weekly Project Planner
– My Favourite Etsy Stores

Craft Room Layout Ideas (2 pages). Planning a craft room makeover? Start by listing your existing furniture and storage, items the room needs to store and your wish list for your new room. You can also keep track of your spending so you stay on budget.

Craft Room Layout Ideas(2)

On page 2 you can sketch 2 layouts for the room and note the pros and cons of each layout to help you decide.

Craft Room Layout Ideas(3)

Organise Your Craft Room

Use this sheet in conjunction with the Craft Room Layout Ideas to determine what you need to buy, what space you have available e.g. for your craft desk. This sheet is like a summary page perfect for taking with you when you go shopping. You can also use it to keep track of how much you’ve spent.

Organise Your Craft Room(2)

Organisation Checklists

Organisation Checklists(2)

Craft Supplies Inventory

Use this for keeping track of items such as craft glue, ink pads ect. so you don’t get caught out without a basic tool/supply in the middle of a project!

Craft Supplies Inventory(4)

My Projects

My Projects(4)

If you prefer to organise your projects by week:

Weekly Project Planner(2)

Project Planner

Project Planner(2)

Project Planner(3)

Sewing Project Planner

Sewing Project Planner(2)

Follow so many blogs you can’t keep up? List all the blogs you visit, the category and their update frequency so you know when to check for a new post. You could also use it if your searching for some inspiration.

Favourite Blogs(2)

Favourite Stores

Can’t remember your favourite stores’ opening hours? This may not be a problem for those who live in the US whose stores have long trading hours *jealous!* but in Australia independent craft shops are usually only open until early afternoon on a Saturday.

Favourite Stores(2)

My Favourite Etsy Stores

A sheet for keeping track of all the amazing etsy shops out there!

My Favourite Etsy Stores(6)

There are a few checklists (my favourite printable!)

DIY Projects:

My DIY Projects(2)

Sewing Projects

My Sewing Projects(4)

Scrapbooking Projects

Scrapbooking Projects(2)

Shopping List

I also use this sheet as a wish list for all those things I want to purchase. I obviously can’t afford to buy every craft tool/machine/supply available 😦 so I prioritise them and when I have a bit of money saved up I know exactly what I need and/or want, where to buy it from and how much it will cost.

Shopping List(3)

Subscription & Membership Tracker – this can be purchased separately here

Subscription & Membership Tracker(2)

Online Shopping Record

I love online shopping! I use this sheet to record all my online purchases including the order number, price, date I ordered, expected arrival date and a checkbox for when it has a arrived. If you’re shopping on Etsy, eBay or a similar site you can record the shop seller’s name and check off when you’ve left feedback for them.

Online Shopping Record(2)

Project List

Don’t let all those unfinished projects pile up! List all your projects and the date you started them and then start working on those projects from months ago. It’s also handy when you know you want to do something crafty but you’re not sure what project to work on.

Project List(4)

There are 2 copies of each sheet and all are in separate documents to allow for convenient duplex printing (or 2 per page i.e. A5 printing if you have a small binder). There is room for hole punching or binding on each sheet. For more printing tips see:

There are 7 colours to choose from!

Craft and Hobbies - Pink(4)

Click here if you think these planner pages might work for you!

The pages can be printed on A4 and /or letter size (8.5 x 11″) size paper. For tips on printing the pages as half size, A5, filofax or any other page size, please see THIS POST.

Direct links for each colour:

To purchase through the online store: pinkpurple, green, light blue, grey

To purchase on Etsy: purple, pink, green, light bluegrey 

Dark blue and black versions coming soon. Send an email to if you need it urgently and I will move it to the top of my to do list!

This planner set is part of the super organized life, get it all and Craft, hobby & DIY bundles

All sheet are (c) AllAboutTheHouse and are for personal use only – thank you!

Happy crafting!