FREE Printable Iphone Case Covers

I have a FREE printable for you today!

free iphone covers - allaboutthehouse

I have a new product in my Etsy storeprintable monogram iPhone case covers! I get bored with the same iPhone case and wanted a way to change it without spending a ton on so I have created some printable iPhone covers!

iPhone case covers -  allaboutthehouse

IPhone 4S Cover - Rainbow Chevron

IPhone 5 Cover - Rainbow Chevron

They come in sets of 6 (in the colour combos and pattern shown). You get to choose whether you would like a monogram (and the type of monogram), single letter or your name. iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 versions are available. I also include 4 x 6 inch jpg versions of each of the 6 covers to suit any iPhone size. I have found that sizes of things can differ between Australia and America so I send these just in case either of the other templates don’t fit your case. I haven’t tested them but they should fit Samsung phones as well. iPhones seem to update every 6 months so at least you can still use the covers if you get a new iPhone! If you want to try it out before you buy, scroll to the bottom of this post for the free covers.

All you need to to is print, cut around the template and place the cover on the inside of your clear iphone case. If you are using the 4 x 6 inch templates, print, place your case over the top of the template and trace around with a pencil, then cut and slip into your phone case.

First, I printed the cases onto cardstock. To cut out the camera hole I punched a circle using a hole puncher. If you have a small circle craft punch (about 5mm wide) this would also work fine. I then used a pair of nail scissors to cut out the remainder of the camera phone slot. You could also use an exacto knife.

When you get bored with one case, you can choose another one from the other 5! Click here to purchase them!

I bought my clear case ages ago and can’t remember where I bought it from, but here are some that look sturdy and protective: here and here and here

I’m sure there are plenty of other clear cases around that would also be suitable!

Now, here are the 5 free pinstripes iPhone covers! Remember, they are 4 x 6 inch in size so should suit most phone cases. Just print, trace and cut!

They are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. This is the first time I have offered a freebie on my blog so if they are abused (i.e. offered for sale, claimed as your own on your own blog – please share a link back to this blog post if you use them – ect.) I will remove them and no further freebies will be offered on my blog! Do NOT copy, claim as your own, re-sell ect.

To print, click on the image, right click and select ‘print’.

Because the heart is white – you could write your name or any text inside it!

Printable Stripe Iphone cover case - AllAboutTheHouse Printable Stripe Iphone cover case - AllAboutTheHouse Printable Stripe Iphone cover case - AllAboutTheHouse Printable Stripe Iphone cover case - AllAboutTheHouse

Printable iPhone case cover - stripes - AllAboutTheHouse
Because some printers scale differently, here are the covers on A4 size paper.  Save them to your computer then open the file. If you are printing onto 8.5″ x 11″ size paper, select 8.5 x 11″ in your paper size menu and select ‘fit picture to frame’ if part of the case is getting cut off (see screenshot below).

iphone case printing

Free iPhone case covers - AllAboutTheHouse

iPhone case covers - AllAboutTheHouse3

Printable iPhone case - AllAboutTheHouse


Personalised Build Your Own Planner Printables – GIVEAWAY!

Want to win your very own custom made Build Your Own Planner? Head over to Prep in Your Step to enter!

Build Your Own Planner

– Personalised Cover Page AND matching binder spine (in 3 sizes to suit any binder)
– 12 Monthly Page Dividers
– Monthly Planning Page
– 12 Monthly Calendars (single – 12 sheets or 2 page spread – 24 sheets)
– Lined Notes Page
– Weekly Planner Pages (2 per PDF file – perfect for duplex printing)

You can print the pages and place them in a binder, or take them to your local office supply store to have them bound!

Build Your Own Planner2

Here’s an example cover:

Binder Cover - AllAboutTheHouse

There are 7 weekly inside layouts to choose from:

Build Your Own Planner3

If you want to use an A5 binder – don’t worry. There are 2 copies of each sheet per pdf file. If you go to your print menu and select ‘2 per page printing’ or change the paper size to A5 then all you’ll need to do is cut the sheets in half. You can also do duplex printing. See this post for printing tips.


Plan each day with space for next week (this can be substituted for weekly to do’s, a meal planning section or notes space – please leave a message in the notes to seller)


Planner Option 1 Lined - AllAboutTheHouse


Planner - Option 1 Unlined - AllAboutTheHouse


Daily planning and Weekly Checklist (you could use it as a shopping list, to do lists – any list you want!). You could print 2 for each week and use one for weekly planning and the other for meal planning.


Planner - Option 2 Lined - AllAboutTheHouse


Planner - Option 2 Unlined - AllAboutTheHouse


You can use the top line for each day to list the day’s M.I.T or to write that days dinner and then plan your day in the space below. Write the date on the smaller line at the top of each box.


Planner - Option 3 Lined - AllAboutTheHouse


Planner - Option 3 Unlined - AllAboutTheHouse


Checkboxes – mini to do/task lists for each day. Space to list the day’s M.I.T or to write that days dinner.

Planner - Option 4 - AllAboutTheHouse

There are 3 monthly divider layouts.

Build Your Own Planner4

Here’s an example:

Planner - Monthly Divider

You’ll also receive a monthly planning page (there are 2 copies of this file so you can do ‘2 per page printing’ then cut the page in half for A5 sheets,  or do duplex printing

Monthly Planning Page (2)

There are 2 calendar layout options:

Option 1 – 1 Page Landscape

Planner - Landscape Calendar

Option 2 – 2 Page Spread

Write the date on the line in each box. There’s ample room to write all of your appointments, to do’s, bills to be paid ect. I use highlighters to colour code the things that apply to each person in my family e.g. things highlighted in blue relate only to me, things that concern the whole family are highlighted in pink ect. You could also use different coloured/patterned washi tape for each family member.

There is a large notes space where you could plan the weekly meals, write your to do list or shopping list, note any anniversaries, birthday’s or other special occasions for the month ect.

Monthly Calendar 2 pageMonthly Calendar 2 page - AllAboutTheHouse

Here are your colour options. There are 25 chevron colours to choose from!

Build Your Own Planner5

And a closer look at the notes page:

Planner - Note Paper - AllAboutTheHouse

Did I mention there are no dates? That’s right you can use this planner for any/every year!

Getting back to the giveaway… Did I mention I am offering 25% off to all PrepInYourStep Readers? Head over there now!