Health and Fitness Printables Kit

NEW! The Health and Fitness Kit!

Did you make a new year’s resoltion to lose weight this year? Not really on track or haven’t started? Simply want to lose a few kilos? This set is just what you need!

health and fitness kit(2)

It includes a binder cover and spine that can be personalised with your choice of text e.g. ‘Georgia’s Health and Fitness Planner’

health and fitness kit(1)

There’s a 12 month health and fitness calendar with space to write the month’s health and fitness goals as well as your weight at the start and end of your month to help track your progress and keep you motivated. You can write what exercise you will do throughout the month, or you can simply use it for your everyday planning. The calendar is perpetual so it can be used for any/every year. You could also print a second copy and use it for meal planning.


health and fitness kit

There’s a 4 page body measurements chart. Each week you can record your measurements for your arms, thighs, hips,waist ect, There is room to add 2 extra measurements if needed. There’s a notes section where you could jot things like: ‘week 30, my birthday’ to explain any anomalies, write inspirational fitness quotes or anything you like!

Body Measurements Chart(4)

Annual weight tracker. Record your weight each week and any loss/gain. At the end of the year (or more regularly such as monthly), compare your weight to your initial weight and your goal weight. Write notes about your weight loss goals and how you aim to achieve them.

Annual Weight Tracker(1)

Vitamins and supplements tacker. Having trouble remembering if you took your fish oil tablet ect? This chart is super handy. You can also use it to keep tracker of when you need to take prescription medicines. This sheet can record up to 6 vitamins and supplements or medication per week for any month.

Vitamins & Supplements(3)

Find a recipe you want to try when flicking through a magazine or browsing online? Record it on this ‘recipes to try’ sheet. There’s space to note the recipe name, source and give it a rating out of 5.

Recipes to try

Similar to the recipes to try sheet. The ‘healthy recipes’ sheet is a handy reference for you favourite recipes. It is a great reference when you don’t know what to cook. You can list the recipe, source and type of meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack or dessert) for quick reference.

Healthy Recipes(1)

Jot down the number of calories and points ect. for foods you frequently eat.

Calorie and Points Reference - Pink(1)

Then, each day, record what you ate at each meal time, as well as the number of calories and or points. You can compare the total daily calories with the recommended adult daily intake.

Food and Calorie Log(1)

To help plan your meals, there are 2 weekly meal planners included. You can choose the one that suits you best, or you could alternate between both.

This one has room to plan 6 meals per day:

Weekly Meal Planner 2

This one can be used for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can combine all your snacks into the one section. This is handy for keeping track of your water intake, and for recording your daily calories and/or points.

Weekly Meals

Categorized Grocery List – jot down the ingredients you need when deciding your weekly meal plan (or monthly if you use the calendar included in this set). Don’t forget to refer to the health recipes sheet I mentioned above. The grocery list is categorized so you can get in and out as fast as possible!

Grocery List(1)

Now for the actual fitness section of the planner! Included is this workout log which I find really useful. I can record up to 5 exercise activities e.g. 10min warm-up jog, 50 sit ups, 30min run on treadmill ect. and the time, distance, sets, rep or weight (as applicable to each activity). There’s room for up to 4 days per sheet with space for notes (i.e. 4 days of exercise per week = one sheet).

Workout Log(1)

If you want a planning sheet that’s more flexible, this workout schedule is great. There’s plenty of space to plan your daily exercise or use the space however you want!

My Workout Schedule(1)

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, a good place to start is with the goals sheet:

Health and fitness goals

You can list up to 5 healthy lifestyle/fitness goals and plan out how you will complete them. There is space to affix a before photo and/or a photo of your goal body at the bottom of the page. You can also use this space to record motivational quotes and/or other.

And to make sure you stay on track, there’s a today’s goals sheet:

Today's Goals(2)

This set comes is the 6 colours shown below:

Colour Chart - Health and Fitness

UPDATE: the light blue version is now available in editable format.

Click here is you think these planner pages might work for you!

Editable means:
– When you open the files there will be light blue boxes where you can type in your information (this will NOT remain light blue when printed).
– You can still print and hand-write on the sheets (the blue boxes won’t appear on your printed copy)
– The fillable font is helvetica in black
– The checkboxes are not editable. The forms are intended for filling out on the computer, then printing out and checking each item off as you go
– The actual layout of the printable including pattern, pattern colour, font style, existing text ect. are not editable and cannot be changed

Direct links for each colour:

To purchase through the online store: light blue and editable, purple, pink, greendark blueblack

To purchase on Etsy: light blue and editable, light blue, dark bluepurple, pink, greenblack

This planner set is part of the household binder bundle, mega household binder bundle, organized life, super organized life, get it all, healthy lifestyle, resolutions kit and work at home mama bundles

Chevrons aren’t your style? There is a health and fitness kit as part of the simple planner series. See here 

All sheet are (c) AllAboutTheHouse Printables and are for personal use only – thank you!

P.S. If you head over to ‘Second Chance To Dream‘  I’m giving away another personalised chevron planner. You can also use the coupon ‘ORGANISEME20’ for 20% off your entire order! (INCLUDING items already on sale! There’s also no minimum spend).

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  1. I absolutely love the font that you use on the titles! What font is that? I would like to start using it on the charts i create for work. Btw, your printables look awesome! Love the chevron 🙂

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